Propane Safety Warnings

  • Our propane containers are for outdoor storage only. 
  • Do not use or store Tanks / Cylinders in a GARAGE.
  • Do not use indoors.
  • Do not allow CHILDREN to tamper or play with the tank.
  • Keep Tank / Cylinder secured in an upright position with the valve off.
  • Keep spare Tank / Cylinder locked up.
  • Do not store a spare Tank / Cylinder near other heat sources.
  • Do not store a spare Tank / Cylinder under or near a grill.

Gasoline Safety Warnings

  • Never use gasoline indoors.
  • Keep Gasoline away from CHILDREN.
  • Keep Gasoline Containers locked up.
  • Keep Gasoline Containers secured in an upright position.
  • Store Gasoline in a proper approved Container.
  • Do not store a Gasoline Container near other heat sources.
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