Propane storage container
20lb. Propane
Shown With Optional Ground Paver Pad
Gasoline storage container
Gasoline Storage
(Gasoline can not included)
Shown With Optional Ground Paver Pad
Propane and gasoline storage containers
Gasoline Storage (Left)
20lb. Propane Storage (Right)
Both Shown With Optional Ground Paver

Where Do You Store Your Fuel?

Do you have a spare propane tank? Many families don’t have a place to store it, so it winds up in their garage. 
Do you have a can of gasoline in the corner of your garage, where children can easily get to it?

Fuel-Loc-Box ™ has a better solution.

Our Stainless steel containers are designed to provide a safe and convenient place to store your fuel.

Keep your 20 lb. propane tank or gasoline can outside, in one of our locked containers. 

  • Feel Safer.
  • Store your fuel outside.
  • Vented and Lockable.
  • Keeps your containers off the ground.
  • Looks good.
  • Long Lasting.
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Propane Safety Warnings

  • Our propane containers are for outdoor storage only
  • Do not use or store Tanks / Cylinders in a GARAGE.
  • Do not use indoors.
  • Do not allow CHILDREN to tamper or play with the tank.
  • Keep Tank / Cylinder secured in an upright position with the valve off.
  • Keep spare Tank / Cylinder locked up.
  • Do not store a spare Tank / Cylinder near other heat sources.
  • Do not store a spare Tank / Cylinder under or near a grill.

Gasoline Safety Warnings

  • Never use gasoline indoors.
  • Keep Gasoline away from CHILDREN.
  • Keep Gasoline Containers locked up.
  • Keep Gasoline Containers secured in an upright position.
  • Store Gasoline in a proper approved Container.
  • Do not store a Gasoline Container near other heat sources.